Driveway Repair and Leveling

SUNKEN Driveway? We Can Help.

A concrete drive that’s sunken and sagging is an eyesore and a safety issue. Take back your drive and update your home or business curb appeal with Precision Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting. Repair driveway cracks and level off your personal parking area in Stephenville, Texas and the surrounding area.

What Are the Signs of an Unlevel Driveway?

Simply repairing cement cracks and removing pooling water doesn’t get at the root of the problem. In many cases these issues are caused by improper drainage, poor compaction during construction, soil washout or voids underneath the slab. Concrete driveway leveling may be necessary if you notice one or more of these signs:

  • Pooling Water
  • Cracks
  • Warping
  • Voids
  • Bumps
  • Potholes
  • Elevation variation between slabs
  • Trip Hazards

If a foundational issue is causing your cement structure to sag and crack, then it’s time to turn to a professional. Our family-owned and operated team can remove these issues, often in as little as one day.

before driveway repair
after driveway repair

Our Concrete Driveway Leveling Services

Fight back against the sloping, cracking effects of a damaged foundation today. With our local team, you can quickly repair driveway cracks and enjoy driveway lift that lasts. Here are the steps we take to create a long-term repair:

  • Identify the affected area
  • Measure the sag
  • Create injection holes in precise areas
  • Fill voids and lift the concrete with moisture-resistant, long-lasting polyurethane foam
  • Patch the holes and cracks with polymer concrete or cement

We follow these same steps whether there’s a small void or a completely compromised foundation. The innovative foam we utilize stands up to heavy use, excess moisture, and the effects of time. Choose our services in Texas for your residential or commercial concrete project for results that last.

Trust Your Local Cement Lifting Team

Has your drive seen better days? Find driveway leveling near me today. Contact us to request a free estimate and see how a single day can give you back your smooth, safe drive. Compare our prices with a concrete replacement estimate to see how you can save time and money.

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