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Interior Foundation Repair

Got That Sinking Feeling?

If you have a sinking feeling that your home is less than level, it’s time to contact Precision Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting. Repairing concrete foundation cracks and sags is our expertise. Learn more about house leveling and cement slab restoration steps before requesting a service call. We’re based in Stephenville, Texas, and operate in the surrounding counties.

What Are the Signs of a Foundation Problem?

A firm and level slab keeps your home safe from weather issues and shifting soil. If you’ve experienced a crack or sag in this critical area of your home, you’re likely to notice one or more of these signs:

Sticking Doors

Cracks in bricks

Diagonal cracks around windows and doorways

Exterior trim gaps or separation

separation between interior wall baseplates and slab

Traditional solutions for restoring a cement slab include removing damaged pieces and pouring a new one. This requires a considerable amount of time and cost before your home could be set back safely in place.

Repairing Concrete Foundation Issues in Texas

Instead of pouring new, costly concrete, choose a foam jacking service by our local team. We offer foundation jacking and cement lifting services to provide your building with a reliable, level, and stable surface. Here are the steps required to solve your sinking situation:

  • DRILL small, strategically placed, dime-sized holes in the slab
  • INJECT polyurethane into the holes to fill the voids and raise the surface
  • PATCH the holes with cement

This process relies on the durable, moisture-resistant, and monolithic properties of our geotechnical foam solution. Instead of pouring new concrete, using sandbags, or resorting to inefficient mudjacking, we use a proven solution that offers same-day completion.

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Until recently, when the interior portion of a foundation settled or sank, it was an incredibly invasive process to repair the damaged slab. Not anymore!

With our fast curing, high-density urethane technology, we can repair the interior portion of your foundation with little to no inconvenience to you and little to no damage to your flooring.


  • Customers don’t have to leave their property and can use their homes as normal during the repair.
  • No need to core 12” holes, mask off the entire house, evacuate the house for a number of days or weeks.
  • Projects can typically be completed in a single day
  • Polyurethane injection only requires a series of small 3/8-5/8” holes- DRASTICALLY smaller than what is required for interior piering.

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