Sidewalk Repair and Leveling

Maintain your commercial or residential property with sidewalk lifting services. Enjoy an affordable, efficient repair process with our team at Precision Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting. We’re your leading service provider in Stephenville, Texas and the surrounding areas. Discover how you can remove tripping hazards and keep your property looking great.

Our Sidewalk Lifting Services

Cement surfaces can crack, shift and sag over time. This can be due to installation issues, but may simply be caused by erosion. A minor shift typically creates cracks along the cement, which can create more opportunities for cracking and shifting in the future. We offer sidewalk leveling services using the following simple, affordable steps:

  • Identify the damaged areas
  • Create precise injection holes in the affected area
  • Fill the underlying voids with moisture-resistant foam and lift the concrete back into place
  • Repair the holes and any remaining cracks

Our geotechnical foam is specifically designed to offer a reliable solution that lasts a lifetime. It doesn't require costly, noisy, invasive demolition, and the project can be completed in a single day.

sidewalk repair

Why Level an Uneven Sidewalk?

A few bumps may not seem like an emergency, but an uneven surface can cause several issues over time. Here are some reasons why it’s critical to repair sunken concrete sidewalk promptly:

avoid tripping hazards*

Reduce long-term maintenance costs

Improve curb appeal

* Trip hazards are dangerous and are a target for lawsuits.

Compare our services for yourself to see why foam lifting is a popular option. Our services are often half the cost of a full concrete replacement project. Your walking surface is also ready for use the same day, which isn’t true of any other repair solutions

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