Pool Decks

Restore your backyard oasis with concrete pool deck lifting in Texas. Discover how our team at Precision Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting can remove cracks, sags, and other issues to repair your beautiful pool deck.

Why Does a Pool Deck Crack?

These durable concrete structures are designed to withstand temperature changes and extreme moisture, so why does the area around your pool crack? In some cases, it may be because of a sagging foundation.

Erosion or other issues cause the cement to slowly shift, creating cracks and an unpleasant surface. This leads to pooling water, hazardous walkways, and an unappealing deck. Halt the damage and prevent further issues with a lifting service.

See How We Can Raise Your Pool Deck

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1. Identify the compromised foundation areas and measure the depression.

2. Drill specific holes to prepare for the injection process

3. Connect our industry-leading polyurethane foam injection equipment

4. Fill any voids and lift the concrete slab back into place. Then patch any cracks and the injection holes

Concrete Pool Deck Lifting Services in Texas

Your dedicated contractors get to work quickly to lift, patch, and restore your swimming area cement surface. In as little as an hour, we can have a project accomplished, and most are completed in a single day. Here are the steps to lifting and repairing a damaged deck:

You can walk on your restored surface immediately after we lift it. The durable foam we use is low-exotherm and impervious to moisture, which means you don’t have to worry about heat or moisture issues. This makes it more reliable than mudjacking or sandbag use.

Geotechnical foam is an environmentally responsible solution. Our system doesn’t use ozone-depleting blowing agents or risk contamination in the local area.

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Sinking concrete around your pool is a frustrating experience, but you’ve come to the right place. Contact our team today to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate. Maintain your backyard paradise with a lifting service that is significantly more affordable and environmentally friendly than pouring new concrete.

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